Turkey Wraps

After posting this photo, I received so many requests for the recipe!  It is sooo easy to whip up even on one of those busy nights.

I know what its like to get home late from work with my husband, 3 and 1 year old, drag all of our bags in from the car, unpack everything, race to the bathtub and try to get everything organized before actually getting to the stove.  Not to mention being exhausted from the day, life, etc.  This takes 30 minutes or less and will guarantee a healthy meal for the family.

So here you go:

1lb ground turkey meat

1-2 garlic cloves, minced

sesame oil (about 1 tbsp)

salt and pepper (to taste)

paprika (to taste)

dash garlic powder


Turkey: Mince up the garlic, toss it in the pan with the meat while it browns on medium-high heat.  After the meat is browed, toss in the rest of the ingredients, and I usually do it to taste.  Combine and heat through.

For the wraps: I usually use romaine hearts, but you can also use Boston lettuce.  Just making sure it is large enough to hold the meat and make it like a “wrap.”

For the sauce: Combine mayo, sesame oil (or soy sauce – whatever your taste or health preference is) and a little garlic salt.  Mix well and spread over lettuce.  Add turkey and you are DONE!

So simple, easy and delicious!  It is a family favorite in our house!

BTW: my husband occasionally likes to add some shredded cheese and bacon.  That is for those nights when you need something a little extra special!

I hope you enjoy and make all those tummies in your family happy!






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