Meal Prep

I recently started meal prepping and have found it to be one of the BEST things I could do for my health, my family and my week!  I usually take my Sunday late afternoon/evening, or if we have something going on as a family at that time, I’ll do it Saturdays instead.

When I was first married, I always searched for new and exciting recipes, which occasionally I still like to incorporate.  However now having two little toddler girls and a very busy life and schedule in general, I have found, the simpler, the better, and usually the healthier.  Baking tons of proteins and veggies is usually the way I go and then portion it out into containers for the week.  Here are some of my “go-to” items:

ground turkey (my usual recipe in a previous blog post)

chicken sausage

fish (cod, salmon, etc.) (avoid bottom feeders, i.e. tilapia – its cheaper, You are what you EAT, EATS)

meatloaf muffins (recipe posted at a later date)

chicken breasts (cut into tenders and then in half) (Mrs. Dash, chicken seasoning and oil) The easiest way I have found to make these guys is broil.  Lay the chicken on a sheet of aluminum foil or parchment on a baking sheet.  I do 4 minutes about on one side, take the pan out and flip the chicken over and back in for another broil – 4 minutes.  After the time is up and the chicken looks lightly browned on the edges, I’ll pick up the foil from the pan collapse the foil together and seal the edges, locking the steam in.  This ensures if any of the pieces of chicken are not cooked through, the steam will do so.  These are perfect for salads, a quick munch and every day snack!

sweet potatoes (baked, 350 for 1.5- 2hrs)

carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus (all with just oil, salt, pepper and sometimes garlic powder*) (roasted, 400 or 425 degrees about 20 minutes, give or take)

Hard-boiled eggs

quinoa (simple with garlic, shallots, oil, s and p and parsley)

As I continue to do this each week, I am sure new ideas will surface and I will post.  Any questions, please ask.  I love sharing recipes and ideas to benefit and help each other!

We also LOVE our nutribullet and thankfully have one at work too!  Packing small pre-made bags of spinach, mint and blueberries is a favorite.  Here’s a pic of one similar with some tropical fruit!  Colorful food is the best food! 🙂






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