Our AnniversaValentines!

So I call it AnniversaValentines, because the day my hubby and I met was February 11, and obviously we all know when Valentines Day is.  This is one of my favorite weeks of the year in regards to romance and love!  We usually end up combining the two when we celebrate because to go out twice is, #1 – costly and #2 – not very time efficient with two kiddies.

This year my mother-in-law watched the girls, and we went to a nice little place called Corner Bistro.  We literally had the whole place to ourselves, not because the place is terrible (LOL), but because we are always early birds.  Dropping off the girlies around 3:30pm and making it to the restaurant at 4 ensures NO CROWDS!  We strongly dislike crowds, especially when the tables are one no top of the other and you can hear your neighbor’s conversation.

The food was delicious, ambiance was romantic and the place quiet.  We ordered two spectacular appetizers to share, burata and fried calamari, followed by my superb entree, sesame seared tuna steak and FINALLY a creme brûlée to share! Needless to say I was more than satisfied!

We conversed about our last 11 years and the highlights, from our wedding to babies being born to the every day little things in between (which sometimes are the most special).

After dinner we made a quick stop at ShopRite to pick up some odds and ends.  We strolled leisurely through the aisles, (usually I am going lightening speed to get out as quick as possible with the kids), laughed and talked and talked and laughed!

It was a success! A night well spent and more beautiful memories were made!

I hope everyones’ Valentines Day was beautiful regardless of your situation or circumstance.  God is the author of love.  If that is missing in your life, search for Him and He will fill you to overflowing! 1 Corinthians 13! ❤

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