Tip for LIFE

One of the best and most valuable tips I EVER received in my life is right here! After having my babies I had a difficult time getting back to my original weight despite my efforts in exercise (crossfit, etc)!  I began to grow extremely frustrated because I could not get past a certain point with my weight and I knew it was still not where my body should be.  At that time a well respected nutritionist gave me this life-changing advice, “to lose the weight you want, you must start your day with putting protein in your body at max 30 minutes after you wake in the morning.” I decided to try it and began doing it faithfully.  After about 2 weeks the baby weight literally melted off! Hallelujah!

To this day I have made it a part of my lifestyle every morning to keep my metabolism healthy! I started recently drinking shakeology because it doesn’t just have protein, but also probiotics, greens, super-foods, etc. This tip and these shakes have made a tremendous impact on my health!  I will never go another morning in my life without it!

For me, it’s not just about fitting into my clothes, but being comfortable in my own skin and being healthy from the inside out.  I used to deprive myself, not eat breakfast and think it was helping me to eat less calories through the day.  It was in fact the WORST thing I could do!  I need to be truly healthy not only for me, but for my loved ones!  I hope this tip is as much a blessing for you as it was for me!

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