Salad Dressing Secret

So this is our household salad dressing.  Probably one of the easiest recipes on the planet and the ONLY dressing we use now.  Forget those dressings from the store with tons of preservatives, extra sugars and calories.  And forget even making your own in a little bowl and pouring it on.  Do it right in the salad!

All you need is:

A good extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

garlic powder

pink or sea salt

After all of your salad fix ins are put together, pour a good amount of oil to coat the top portion of the salad.  Next, sprinkle garlic powder back and forth from one side of the bowl to the other.  Same with the salt.  (The amount of garlic powder and salt is to your liking.)  I usually toss the salad and repeat that once more.  I like it to have a good mix of all three ingredients in every bite!

My hubby loves it and wouldn’t have our salads any other way!


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