Favorites: Quick and Easy Food Round-Up

As I was going through my fridge the other day prepping to make myself a super quick lunch, I realized I keep certain items in my house for busy days, that I usually use to create a quick and simple meal/snack. So today I'm sharing a round-up of some of my healthy and easy favorites... Continue Reading →

My Weekly Exercise Routine

Today I am sharing my weekly exercise routine.  As a busy wife and work at home mom, I have to find time and create a plan that works for me.  This is my goal for each day of the week.  Sometimes I complete it all, sometimes it is modified depending on how our family schedule works... Continue Reading →

Buckwheat Strawberry Pancakes

After my oldest daughter watched an episode of Daniel Tiger, she came away wanting to make strawberry pancakes.  So of course in an effort to feed my girls healthy alternatives, I decided to go the buckwheat route.  I love these Bob's Red Mill bags. They make flour alternatives (i.e. Coconut flour, almond flour), and all... Continue Reading →

Salad Dressing Secret

So this is our household salad dressing.  Probably one of the easiest recipes on the planet and the ONLY dressing we use now.  Forget those dressings from the store with tons of preservatives, extra sugars and calories.  And forget even making your own in a little bowl and pouring it on.  Do it right in... Continue Reading →

Coconut Almond Flour Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets are a family favorite!  Everyone loves them, kids and parents alike here! And we have found a way to add extra healthy fat, protein and reduce the carbs ! Instead of the traditional bread crumbs I started using almond flour for the chicken coating and it tastes SO similar to regular breadcrumbs.  I've actually come... Continue Reading →

Tip for LIFE

One of the best and most valuable tips I EVER received in my life is right here! After having my babies I had a difficult time getting back to my original weight despite my efforts in exercise (crossfit, etc)!  I began to grow extremely frustrated because I could not get past a certain point with... Continue Reading →

Meal Prep

I recently started meal prepping and have found it to be one of the BEST things I could do for my health, my family and my week!  I usually take my Sunday late afternoon/evening, or if we have something going on as a family at that time, I'll do it Saturdays instead. When I was... Continue Reading →

Turkey Wraps

After posting this photo, I received so many requests for the recipe!  It is sooo easy to whip up even on one of those busy nights. I know what its like to get home late from work with my husband, 3 and 1 year old, drag all of our bags in from the car, unpack... Continue Reading →

You Have 12 Minutes!

Featured photo: Hubby and I running a 5K (4 months pregnant - I speed walked) After having my two children my time had seemingly slipped away for physical fitness.  From a young age I was always active from taking dance classes, to running, to zumba, pilates, cycling, etc.  With little to no time to actually... Continue Reading →

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