God First.

My daughter came downstairs the other morning, earlier than usual, so I invited her to sit with me in my "prayer chair" and read. I read to her from Matthew 7, where Jesus talks about asking, seeking and knocking. She wanted to know and understand what "seek" meant. So I broke it down and began... Continue Reading →

Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Let's talk about emotions. Our emotions or feelings actually originate from the thoughts we think, not from the circumstances around us.  Our feelings are created inside as a result of what we choose to think about our circumstances.  Yes, even happy emotions are not a result of circumstances, but of the thoughts we think that... Continue Reading →

A Consistent New Year

We hear all the classic new year sayings..."Make this year count," "It's a new beginning," "Make your resolution," and the list goes on.  Those are all great and hopefully, they work for many people. To start, I'm not usually a new year's resolution kind of girl.  I believe growth and change should be a continual... Continue Reading →

Better is the end…

May 2016, a blessed month! Our third child was on the way, our family was healthy, spring was in the air and God's blessings were overflowing.  All was well!  I had been working as an online health and fitness coach, helping other women to feel healthy from the inside out, growing on my own journey... Continue Reading →

Bullet Proof…Coffee

Just wanted to post a quick thought that is actually two-fold - practically and spiritually. What is bullet proof coffee? Some of you may have heard the name thrown around, or may have absolutely no idea what I am talking about.  Basically it is coffee, grass-fed butter and a spoonful of coconut oil, blended with... Continue Reading →

Real Beauty

Let's be real!  There are days I want to roll out of bed, throw my hair up, wear sweatpants and not even think about getting decently dressed.  We have been so conditioned in our culture to believe that women don't have those days and that each one of us "woke up like this!"  I enjoy... Continue Reading →

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