Favorites: Quick and Easy Food Round-Up

As I was going through my fridge the other day prepping to make myself a super quick lunch, I realized I keep certain items in my house for busy days, that I usually use to create a quick and simple meal/snack. So today I'm sharing a round-up of some of my healthy and easy favorites... Continue Reading →

Alternatives for Pregnancy Glucose Testing

I wanted to share my story in brief for all those pregnant mamas who are nearing their "glucose tolerance test." I didn't think I had any other options aside from taking the test as prescribed, which meant putting that unhealthy, gmo, orange food-coloring filled drink into my body. With my first two babies, I did... Continue Reading →

Salad Dressing Secret

So this is our household salad dressing.  Probably one of the easiest recipes on the planet and the ONLY dressing we use now.  Forget those dressings from the store with tons of preservatives, extra sugars and calories.  And forget even making your own in a little bowl and pouring it on.  Do it right in... Continue Reading →

Coconut Almond Flour Chicken Cutlets

Chicken cutlets are a family favorite!  Everyone loves them, kids and parents alike here! And we have found a way to add extra healthy fat, protein and reduce the carbs ! Instead of the traditional bread crumbs I started using almond flour for the chicken coating and it tastes SO similar to regular breadcrumbs.  I've actually come... Continue Reading →

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