God First.

My daughter came downstairs the other morning, earlier than usual, so I invited her to sit with me in my "prayer chair" and read. I read to her from Matthew 7, where Jesus talks about asking, seeking and knocking. She wanted to know and understand what "seek" meant. So I broke it down and began... Continue Reading →

Sleep Training 101

We can all agree as moms that having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences.  You feel all the feels, the love and emotions flow and your heart is full. At the same time you are overjoyed, you are also extremely overtired, and it is challenging! I really attribute everything that I am... Continue Reading →

Tip for LIFE

One of the best and most valuable tips I EVER received in my life is right here! After having my babies I had a difficult time getting back to my original weight despite my efforts in exercise (crossfit, etc)!  I began to grow extremely frustrated because I could not get past a certain point with... Continue Reading →

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