Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Let's talk about emotions. Our emotions or feelings actually originate from the thoughts we think, not from the circumstances around us.  Our feelings are created inside as a result of what we choose to think about our circumstances.  Yes, even happy emotions are not a result of circumstances, but of the thoughts we think that... Continue Reading →

Live Like You’re Loved!

There was a day when I could not look in the mirror and smile happily at myself, forget take a picture and post it for anyone to see! I deprived myself in every area of life. I ran hard trying to fill a void in my heart and to bandaid every hurt and pain I had ever experienced.... Continue Reading →

Tip for LIFE

One of the best and most valuable tips I EVER received in my life is right here! After having my babies I had a difficult time getting back to my original weight despite my efforts in exercise (crossfit, etc)!  I began to grow extremely frustrated because I could not get past a certain point with... Continue Reading →

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